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Smelly Xianbai end fashion knowledge , saying Chanel parcel inside impression is away, well off to bear in mind my mother possessed a girlfriend back the old classic black goatskin with gold chain , a packet incorrect old with Iraq and soft, if the late 1990s can be regarded as an already-established flap absolute luxury, but she was arrange to make a jolly small switch the signal within the clip , have fun with the chain towards wrist so few around , just wear jeans and black lace shirt, waves roll didn't blow will not rub hair gel , Iraq openly inside bag and obtained a crumpled pack of Samsung into the weight was merely 17 year-old, I smoke , and then in contrast in to the majority middle-aged and also nonetheless young ladies imagine that that girl is smoking bad girl . Going his explanation why adheres to the next because her aunt is sloppy and men like spicy cool , although there is speak about how her reputation Merry private with a not indecent , etc., may be 17 year-old i do believe actually two perspectives , perhaps currently view remains unchanged : men is placed no more than romantic flower is attractive less prestigiously how an woman became romantic debauchery and private life's not indecent ? 2 How to despise the ones that disdain statement uninhibited woman dissolute woman man , really bold when dissolute females and females who gestures , some would refuse ? Bale is extremely nothing more than hypocritical , hypocrisy is absolutely terrible . I remember her and her mother having 9 -year-old I traveled to perm, the Bianshao iron into beautiful little waves, 10 -year-old remembers how she sent me a very high watch , consider me to be a adult and mother together , like mortar Huating Road , also I remember she nonchalantly as commonplace an example Ginza hostesses we Chanel Bag chatted about how and when to earn those stupid men lust to the next fell gets interested her ??to become with her work even in a position to present her with plenty of superior apartments and funds ...... only I got somewhat teenage disdain not just for for any marriage and family misfortune of life in a tiny impoverished beautiful exotic woman alone in a very living sympathy and understanding.

Does one aunt and later on settled back in Japan , but the character in to a scandal rumors continue , this she looks just like Seiko Matsuda and courageous dare dare pungent but has remained into my memory , lingering. Chanel Handbags Classic flap hot in 2008 , captured the young and chic countless beautiful women , who accompany Miss June witnessed in the idea Lung , Incredibly more it in numbers, not ugly, but always felt 30 -year-old woman about the back before she stated that mostly only beautiful fashion ( hard 've seen an incredibly young Korean girls back, wearing a black and black Short Nike shoes , evening wearing a black cap , CF relation with casual indifference was looking back too this beautiful accent is none, however which may be stylish, exclusively Chanel girl temperament is invariably somewhat less points ) , who can are saying the style of awkward aunt , or simply explore that kind of favor guru Coco indifference your electricity, definitely patiently . Walking along to coming back home 2009 , the street merely uses a simple new CF clusters ( whether true or false ) , I muttered or My business is to close a Stansted airport out of the heart ? If your session to attempt home hours sitting cushion , toss for Few years, consequently horrendous soft cooked and cooked , i adequate to get her back out for your old yearning of my heart quantity of awkward Chanel girl .

See 2.55 and CF is able to do experiencing the best suited in hindsight is Nicole Richel, Tee is broken and broken stone jeans , pink Converse shoes, but destroyed a red Classic flap, compared to folks who took the CF and.55 the seriousness with dress wear ladies , unspeakable joy and atmosphere , simply as whether Chanel Purses was subsequently only a one euro bought bags ( crap , most people money ) , we'll see her mother said yes , designer handbags and furs should exhausted before in hindsight deplete , don't wait should probably n't have to exhibit a whole new handbag -shaped clusters of carrying your entire body also gravely buy expensive arrange ride, full ten bumpkin ...... Khan , to speak about truthfully For one very ordinary civilians, the fear will not be great mentality equally Nicole is very like a snakeskin -like carry CF sign up for for the streets , or such as aunt that's so nonchalantly working with a cigarette and threw the wallet inside , just attached to flat shoes pinch jeans go short, accent is critical, similar to Birkin bag to study mouth filled with magazines seem casual look fabulous , like liquid , avoid pulling too tightly afraid to seize hold like chest